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Working from home guidance through Covid-19

We are facing challenging and unprecedented times across the world right now and it is important now more than ever to talk to people and do what we can to lift spirits, remain motivated and do what we can to improve our mental health whilst working from home. We have put together some handy tips and advice to help you work from home, be productive and ensure that you maintain good mental and physical health during this time.


  1. Work Station Environment – Not everyone will have their own home office so it is important to try to set up a work station somewhere in your home that you can keep separate from your living space i.e. spare bedroom or conservatory if possible. It is important to keep your office space and your living space as separate as possible so that you can separate work from home.


  1. Comfortable and safe – Whilst the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance states that there are risks associated with display screen equipment at home on a long-term basis they have stated that temporary home working would not require a workstation assessment. As we do not know how long home working will last with the current Covid-19 situation, it is important to be comfortable. Ensure you have a decent chair to support your back and spine, a computer chair is ideal. Also, ensure that the top of your screen is level with your eyes to avoid neck stiffness.


  1. Dress to motivate – Whilst it can be appealing to sit in your PJ’s, it might be worth considering dressing for work. It is not necessary to dress in your suit and tie (unless you really want to) but dressing for work will help you get into the right mindset of work and help to motivate you. It is important to remain comfortable so finding a happy medium of relaxed clothes that don’t make you want to sit in front of the TV will be key.


  1. To-do lists – Without being in the office with constant contact with your boss or colleagues it can be hard to plan your workload for the day. Organise your day by putting together a to-do list for the week and allocate days to your work so that you know what needs to be done and when. It can be hard to remain motivated at home so having a list of work that needs to be done in the day will help to keep you focused.


  1. Regular breaks – Sitting in the office you would normally have a break by getting a cuppa or talking to colleagues throughout the day. This forces you to take time away from the screen as well as have some social interaction. Whilst this lack of social contact may make you more productive because you can work without distraction, it is not healthy. Ensure you take a break every 25 minutes by simply walking upstairs, making a drink (but ensure you also drink plenty of water) and even go out into the garden for fresh air. It is important not only for your mental health to take breaks but also for your physical health to avoid sitting too long and stiffening.


  1. Communication with your team – Working from home can feel lonely, especially if you are used to speaking to colleagues in the office on a daily basis. This can have a negative effect on your mental health so it is extremely important to stay in touch, especially during this current pandemic. As humans, we are social creatures and it is this lack of social interaction that will start to affect our work and well-being the most. It is important to:
  • Make time to call colleagues when possible rather than email or even video call them.
  • Plan in the diary regularly team meetings via video call.
  • As managers, give members of your team a call individually once a week to check that they are ok and see if they need anything
  • When calling a colleague or a client, allow a little extra time to chat and ask how they are and how they are adapting themselves. They too may be working from home and haven’t spoken to many people throughout the day so the conversation will be welcomed.


  1. Routine – It might be tempting to have a long lie-in and start work later when working from home. Whilst working from home does allow this flexibility it is wise to keep to a routine and stick to it. Ensure you set your alarm at the same time throughout your working week so that you can have a set start and finish time. This routine will help you to keep focused and will help to keep you motivated to work.


  1. Eating habits – It is just as important to eat normally as it is to drink plenty of water throughout your working day. If you would normally take a sandwich to work that is made the night before then continue to do this unless you want to make your sandwiches as a way of taking a break. Avoid raiding the cupboard for snacks that wouldn’t normally be available. It is easy to lose track of time and days when you are working from home but as well as regular breaks throughout the day, it is equally as important to take a lunch break. This break should be away from the computer and your home office set-up. It is also important to take this break away from your mobile too to avoid works calls during your break. Put the phone on silent or leave it in your home office area whilst you take your break so that you can mentally have a break from work.


So remember when working from home, take a break, be comfortable, follow a routine, communicate and overall keep safe both mentally and physically.

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CIOB launches virtual fitness club

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has launched a virtual fitness club for its members and staff.

The new virtual club takes the form of a dedicated CIOB group on social media site, Strava, which allows users to record their walking, running, cycling and other sporting activities.

The CIOB hopes that the club will help members and staff to maintain their fitness, improve their mental health and stay connected to others while social distancing.

‘The Chartered Institute of Building’ club can be accessed for free through the Strava website or mobile application.

Caroline Gumble, chief executive at the CIOB, said: “We want to find ways to support members and staff during these unprecedented times. We’ve set up this online club so that members across the world can connect with each other, and us, maintain their fitness and take some time out of their day for themselves. But it’s important to stay safe – we urge those who do take part to do so responsibly and in line with the public health guidance of the country they live in. There is great strength in our community, and this is one way we can support, adapt and connect with each other.”

The US-based Strava service utilises GPS and other forms of data to track fitness activities of its users. There are more than 50 million users across 195 countries worldwide, with 20 million activities recorded each week. The free service is available on both IOS and Android platforms with no advertising on its mobile application.

To access the CIOB club online go to https://www.strava.com/clubs/607288 or search for The Chartered Institute of Building in the club section of the mobile application.

News update is taken from http://www.constructionmanagermagazine.com/ 

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Safer Sphere appointed on Cheetham Hill Retail Park scheme

Safer Sphere is delighted to have been appointed on 3 unit refurbishment and fit-out at Cheetham Hill Retail Park. The project will see the demolition of the existing mezzanine to be replaced with a larger mezzanine across the 3 units as well as a shopfront and internal fit-out works. We are supporting Pozzoni Architecture Limited on the project in the role of Principal Designer Advisor and the client in the role of CDM Client Advisor.

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Safer Sphere launches safety innovation ‘HARM Zero’

Safer Sphere has officially announced today that they are launching a new online software tool called ‘HARM Zero‘. The system facilitates design risk management on any construction project helping eliminate hazards, reduce and manage risks and ultimately avoiding any harm from the construction stage of a project right through to a building’s end-use.

The development of the live ‘Hazard And Risk Management’ register system as a significant enhancement on the traditional spreadsheet approach used to identify and manage risks in construction.

The system can be reviewed and updated in real-time, is Building Information Modelling (BIM) compatible and is the modern and innovative approach to managing safety in design.

Jonathan King, Director Safer Sphere said “We are delighted to officially announce the arrival of HARM Zero. This is the culmination of a number of years work, and we believe that this is a unique system with the potential to transform design risk management in the construction industry. HARM Zero will help to bring designers closer to the construction team and end-users through live risk registers offering improved communication through photos, drawings and safety-related reports. We are already using the system on some prestigious projects such as the Gateshead Quays Arena development and the new Old Trafford Cricket Ground stand and the feedback so far has been fantastic.”

Mike Forsyth, Managing Director, Safer Sphere said “A lot of time has been invested in the development of this system, and we are delighted to bring our vision to reality. To officially launch HARM Zero, we are negotiating with a select number of big names in construction who will be coming on board as partners and advocates for the system. These exclusive partners will have unlimited access to the system and will roll it out company-wide, so it is a very exciting time for us and them.”

Safer Sphere will provide a formal announcement of partners in due course.

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Safer Sphere reaches year 7

Safer Sphere is delighted to reach the young old age of 7 today as the business celebrates its 7th year in operation. We cannot believe how far we have come in such a short period of time including watching our team grow, opening more offices, winning numerous awards as well as working on some amazing projects.

A big thank you to our hard-working team and dedicated clients for your support.

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Safer Sphere appointed on remedial bridge works

Safer Sphere is pleased to reveal our appointment on the remedial works on the WGIS Bridge. We are supporting the project in the roles of Principal Designer Advisor to Rossendale Group and CDM Client Advisor to Peel Land and Property through RIBA stages 5 and 6.

The works involve the installation of a remedial solution to the lifting mechanism to allow for tension to be kept on the ropes and also to stop the counterweights twisting with a set of rollers being installed.


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Safer Sphere appointed on Proxima Park

Safer Sphere is pleased to announce our appointment on the Phase 1 development at Proxima Park in Hampshire. The project sees the construction of 2 new warehouse buildings divided into 13 separate units with offices. Other work includes the construction of a parking area, access roads and drainage installations. Safer Sphere is acting as Principal Designer Advisors to UMC Architects and CDM Client Advisor to the client on the project. The development is due to be completed later this year.
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Safer Sphere appointed on First Street second phase

Back in February, we shared the news of our appointed on the first phase development on First Street, Manchester, and we are delighted to reveal that we are continuing our support on the second stage of the development. Safer Sphere will be supporting the project in the roles of Principal Designer Advisors to Jon Matthews Architects and CDM Client Advisor to Ask Real Estate.

Jonathan King Safer Sphere, CDM, Principal Designer, Director

Safer Sphere hires new Director

Safer Sphere is pleased to announce that the business has appointed a new Director to assist Managing Director Mike Forsyth with the day to day running of the business.

Jonathan King formerly Head of Safety Management at WYG and Head of Project Safety at Edmond Shipway has been brought into the business to help with its growth strategy from our North West HQ, operating nationally across our three offices.

Jonathan has a wealth of experience in CDM and Construction Health and Safety having worked on projects ranging from £20m to £750m across the UK.

Jonathan said “I am delighted to be joining Safer Sphere, especially at such an exciting time. The business has seen growth year on year and what Mike and the team have achieved in this time has been exceptional. The company has started to get noticed not only in the industry but as a successful business which has been proven by the multiple award wins and nominations and by the key projects the business is working on. I am looking forward to working with Mike and the team and using my knowledge and experience from previous roles, I hope to help the business grow and further succeed.”

Mike Forsyth, Managing Director, Safer Sphere said “We are delighted to have Jonathan on board with us. He is an excellent fit for our business and brings with him the knowledge, experience as well as the skill set to help us achieve our growth and office expansion plans. Jonathan will not only be assisting me with the day to day running of the business but will also be hands-on to support our clients with discharging their CDM duties. We have seen a period of change and growth for the business from winning prestigious awards to implementing new systems. We are always striving for improvements as a business and for our clients and we want to ensure that we step up to mark as a leader in construction health and safety.”

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Safer Sphere makes final of St Helens Chamber Business Awards

Safer Sphere is delighted to have made it into the final of the St Helens Chamber Business Awards in the tough category of ‘Employer of the Year’. The St Helens Chamber Business Awards are a celebration of local business and the winners in category go forward to compete in the National Chamber Awards which is a massive opportunity.

Mike Forsyth, Managing Director, Safer Sphere said “We are absolutely thrilled to have made the final of the St Helens Chamber Business Awards in the competitive category of ‘Employer of the Year’. This category, in particular, means a lot to us as a business as it is our people that make our business and we want to keep and attract the best talent to so that we continue to grow. To win the employer of the year would not only be a great accolade for the company but would help us to gain the best talent for our business.”

The St Helens Chamber Business Awards takes place on Thursday 16th May at the Totally Wicked Stadium.