Safer Sphere has developed an online software tool to facilitate design risk management on any construction project.

HARM Zero has multiple benefits for everyone from clients to designers, contractors and end-users.

Hazard And Risk Management (HARM):

  • Eliminate hazards
  • Reduce and manage risks
  • Avoid Harm

HARM Zero guides users (collaborators) to eliminate hazards, reduce and manage risks and avoid harm from the construction stage of a project right through to occupation. A clear and simple system to use HARM Zero offers multiple benefits for everyone from clients to designers, contractors and end-users.

The system provides live project HARM registers which can be reviewed and updated in real-time from anywhere using a phone, tablet or PC. HARM Zero is a significant enhancement from the traditional spreadsheet approach used to identify and manage risks. Photos, drawings and reports (e.g. site investigation or asbestos survey) can be uploaded to clearly illustrate and highlight hazards, risks and risk mitigation measures. Risks can easily be sorted and classified and the system is Building Information Modelling (BIM) compatible.

Use on any Device at Anytime

HARM Zero, Safer Sphere, Risk Register

Access to a Clear Live Dashboard

HARM Zero, Safer Sphere, Risk Register

Embed Documents and Images

HARM Zero, Safer Sphere, Risk Register

Produces Clear HARM Reports

HARM Zero, Safer Sphere, Risk Register

Are you interested in becoming a Partner?

  • Full Admin Access
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Companies & Unlimited Users (contributors)
  • Dashboard view to track risks across multiple sites
  • Promotes CDM best practice, highlights your commitment and understanding of hazards and risk management
  • Company logo with website link on HARM Zero website page
  • Receive promotion as Partner and PR when system is
  • Receive exclusive Partner benefits

HARM Zero allows you to create a library of best practice examples either by copying examples from live projects or inputting other examples you have found of good (and bad) design risk management.  Access is granted to the best practice examples by the administrators in the same way access is granted to a project register.

When you initially select or change the ‘owner’ of a risk the person will receive an email alert informing them.

The owner of a risk can be changed throughout the project as required e.g. from architect to contractor or to end user.

Anyone with administration rights can add new companies and users. Should you require a company or person to be added to a project directory then this should be requested from the administrator who set up the project HARM register

If you have been added as a user / contributor to a project you will be allowed to review and update the project HARM register free of charge.

Each user will have their own log-in details with password for secure access.  The project administrator will provide access and requires a telephone number and email address

Selected companies will have the opportunity to become HARM Zero Partners for a fee depending upon usage.

As part of the benefits of becoming a Partner the company will be able to give their staff administration rights enabling them to add other companies and users and set up project HARM registers.

Yes, the system can be used on any desktop or laptop as well as any mobile device.

Once you sign up we will help you install a home screen icon on your android or Apple device so you can easily access the system.

Yes, the system is fully compatible with BIM and in line with the terminology and requirements of PAS1192-6 Specification for collaborative sharing and use of structured hazard and risk information for Health and Safety.

There is an option on HARM Zero to link risks to products/systems, activities and locations using the uniclass classification system.

HARM registers can be downloaded in csf format for uploading to BIM.

Yes, our system allows you to add images and supporting documents relating to each risk so that the information is accessible to all users on the project.

Yes, every log-in is password protected and the system is GDPR compliant too.

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