Principal Contractor CDM

Small and medium sized contractors or others, can if competent to do so, provide the role of Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations 2007 by appointment of the project Client. This role attracts additional responsibilities in terms of overseeing the planning, managing and monitoring of all construction work in liaison with all other contractors on the site. They act as the lead contractor and must ensure cooperation and coordination of all parties on site, as well as with the client, designers and CDM coordinator.

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The range of services available to support this role, in addition to those offered for Contractor CDM Support are outlined below:


Provision of annual CDM Principal Contractor training / refresher and legislation update course. This course is not just awareness of the Regulations, but guidance in how to practically manage and discharge duties under the regulations. This training would be tailored to the specialties of the organisation and to the specific sectors in which they provide services.


Provision of Construction Phase H&S Plan template fully compliant with the requirements of Appendix 3 of the CDM Regulations 2007.


Preparation of full and specific Construction Phase H&S Plans in conjunction with the project management team, taking account of the specific build, inherent hazards and risks. Review and update the plan where necessary as the project progresses.


Reviews of contractor Risk Assessment, Method Statements and general safe systems of work.


Provision of Temporary Works procedures and Temporary Works Coordination in accordance with BS 5975:2008 + A1:2011.


Preparation of, and or assistance in implementing Site Waste Management Plans in accordance with the Site Waste Management Regulations 2008.