Principal Designer CDM


Principal Designer CDMSafer Sphere understands that designers have little in the way of support by the CDM Regulations 2015 Guidance, nor any formalised training mechanism as such as those that CDM Coordinators and Contractors have had historically. We also acknowledge that CDM and H&S compliance forms one of a multitude of considerations that must be addressed by designers and their organisations. In order to offer support to Designers & Principal Designers in compliance with their legal duties under the CDM Regulations 2015, Safer Sphere has developed a number of CDM services for designers. These services have been developed with designers in mind, to be simple and easy to implement, whilst ensuring full compliance and assisting with best practice solutions.


Principal Designer Support Services

Safer Sphere can support design organisations, and those requested to fulfil the role of “Principal Designer”:-

  • Issue and manage the F10 notification on behalf of the client.
  • Advise on and or collate the project Pre-Construction H&S Information Pack on behalf of the Client / Principal Designer for issue to the project team.
  • Advise on design mitigations, undertake risk workshops and or review designs to ensure compliance with CDM 2015 hazard elimination and risk reduction ethos by all designers.
  • Liaise with Principal Contractor over information for them to prepare the Construction Phase H&S Plan.
  • Advise on and or collate the project H&S File.


Design Support Services

Safer Sphere can support design organisation in meeting their duties as “Designers” by:-

  • Provision of a simple and fully compliant system of procedures to ensure compliance with the Regulations in the role of Designer and or Principal Designer.
  • Provision of CDM Designer training/refresher and legislation update courses. These courses are not just awareness of the Regulations, but guidance in how to actually eliminate hazards and reduce risks. This training would be tailored to the discipline of the designer or organisation (i.e. Architectural, Structural, Civil, Services, Landscape, etc.) and to the specific sectors in which they provide designs.
  • Development of a bespoke Design Risk Management system with pre-defined issues for consideration, relevant to the design discipline and sectors the organisation service. For each item examples of practical hazard elimination and risk reduction, along with reference to further guidance where applicable, will be included to assist the designer in providing the best possible solution.
  • Assistance in developing responses to question sets from a framework and or a tender enquiry PQQ’s / ITT’s, or developing a standard PAS 91 H&S response.
  • Assistance in obtaining Safety Scheme in Procurement accreditation through the APS, CHAS, Construction Line, etc.
  • Liaison support with the Health & Safety Executive should the designer be engaged by them on any projects.
  • Provision of CDM Designers newsletter updating the designer and or organisation on relevant legislation changes, new guidance publications, prosecutions, HSE campaigns, etc.
  • Access to Design Safety Advice by phone or email with our CDM Consultants and Construction Safety Practitioners.