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We offer CDM support to Clients, Principal Designers, Designers Principal Contractors and Contractors. Our CDM services and CDM systems are designed to be simple and economical to operate, giving construction clients, principal designers, designers and contractors total CDM compliance and value.

cdm support services
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CDM support
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CDM Seminars

Our seminars provide vital information about the changes involved with CDM 2015, what it means for your business and how you can implement the changes on your construction projects. Whether you are a Client, Project ManagerDesigner or Contractor, the seminars will update you on what you need to know from one of the industry’s leading experts.

As CDM 2015 Advisors, we have provided seminars to a number of clients to ensure they understand their role and obligation under CDM 2015, our seminars include:

• CDM 2015 overview
• CDM 2015 for designers
• CDM 2015 for clients
• CDM 2015 for principle designers
• CDM 2015 for contractors

This CDM seminar is designed for people acting as Designer or Principal Designer in accordance with the CDM regulations 2015. Completion of this course will ensure that Principal Designers and Designers are compliant and understand their responsibilities under CDM 2015 regulations.

Please register your interest using the form at the bottom of the page.

In addition, Safer Sphere can provide the CDM 2015 update session or Principal Designer training at your organisation’s office to train a number of your staff.

Please email for further details and quotation.

Portable Appliance Testing Inspections (PAT)

UK Health and Safety regulations state that you must maintain electrical equipment if it can cause danger, but the law does not say how you must do this or how often. You should decide the level of maintenance needed according to the risk of an item becoming faulty, and how the equipment is constructed. It is a myth that all electrical equipment should be tested every year, this is not always the case and you could be putting your employees at risk or even paying for a service you do not need.

Safer Sphere has trained specialists that will assess each item and their location and recommend the appropriate safety checks. This will ensure you meet your health and safety requirement by law and will save you time and money.

Face Fit Testing

Any wearer of a tight-fitting RPE must ensure that it fits adequately and is correct for the task. If you are required to wear a tight-fitting respirator for your role, then a Face Fit Test is required.

Face fit testing is a method carried out to ensure that a tight-fitting face mask matches a person’s facial features and provides an adequate seal. Qualitative face fit testing is a pass/fail method that uses taste, smell or reaction to an irritant to detect leaks.

If your role requires you to wear a face mask then ensure you have the appropriate safety checks. For more information on our Face Fit Testing please contact us on 01744 768023 or email us today at

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