Contractor CDM Safety Support

CDM SupportSafer Sphere appreciates that the CDM Regulations 2015 and Health and Safety Legislation can be a burden to small and medium-sized contractors. Such organisations rarely have the resource to employ internal Health and Safety professionals, meaning the burden is applied to those managing the organisation or supervising construction activities.

Our aim in this department is to reduce that burden by providing compliant Contractor CDM Support, which enables contractors to make Health and Safety a simple process and gives them the ability to concentrate their efforts in providing quality and cost-effective solutions in their chosen field. Whether you are a “contractor” or acting as “Principal Contractor”, Safer Sphere are here to help you!

The range of services available for Contractor CDM Support include:-


Safer Sphere can conduct an Accident and Incident Investigation and report on your behalf.

Our trained investigators will compile a comprehensive investigation pack complete with any necessary evidence to enable any areas of improvement to prevent reoccurrences.

We can also provide assistance in reporting of RIDDOR reportable incidents, injuries or occurrences. Accident and ill-health statistics management.

Root Cause Analysis

Safer Sphere can take your investigation even deeper and conduct a Root Cause analysis. The root cause of any accident/incident is the most basic cause that can reasonably be identified.

Root cause analysis will;

  • Identify the system that failed
  • Map the system to causation
  • Identify the management failure
  • Identify the root cause

Construction Health & Safety

We can provide health and safety training in the implementation of a simple Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Permit to Work Systems for operation at site level.

Generic assessment & safe systems of work can be drawn up in conjunction with the contractor, with only site-specific hazards or risks to then be considered in relation to the task. Our systems can be developed to meet any specific requirements of particular Main / Principal Contractors.

We also provide the following courses:

  • IPAF
  • MEWPs for Managers
  • IPAF Harness Training
  • PASMA Standard Course
  • PASMA Combined Course
  • RoSPA approved Confined Spaces Cs1 with escape sets
  • RoSPA approved Confined Spaces Cs2 with escape sets & SCBA
  • SMSTS Site Managers Safety Training Scheme
  • SSSTS Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme
  • Certificated Face Fit Training

Do your workers wear Respiratory Protective equipment (RPE)? If so you will need them Face Fitting. We can provide your workers with fully certificated Face Fit Training.

Construction Phase Plans

Safer Sphere can assist contractors in compiling and managing a suitable and sufficient construction phase health and safety plans. From logistics to fire plans our team of consultants can utilise our templates to provide a proportionate and compliant Construction Phase Plan for your project.

The Plan would contain the following information:-

  • Project Description & Programme
  • Project Programme
  • Record Documentation (SI, Services, dwgs,)
  • PC Management Structure & Roles
  • H&S Goals & Site Rules
  • Liaison between parties
  • Workforce Consultation
  • Exchange of H&S info between Contractors
  • Site Induction & Training
  • Welfare Facilities & First Aid
  • Fire & Emergency Plan
  • Collation of H&S File Information
  • Exchange of design information between parties

Detailed mitigation plans are now only required for work involving particular risks:-

  • Work at risk of earthfalls, engulfment in swampland, or falls from height aggravated by nature of work or environment.
  • Work at risk of Chemical or Biological substances.
  • Work with Ionising Radiation
  • Work with explosives
  • Work near HV power lines
  • Work at risk of workers drowning or diving.
  • Work on wells underground or in tunnels.
  • Work in caissons with compressed air atmosphere.
  • Work in assembly or dismantling heavy pre-fabricated components.

Construction Risk Control and Project Planning

Principal Contractors and Contractors hold duties under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and more specifically the CDM Regulations 2015, to undertake risk assessment and provide sufficient planning for the safe undertaking of construction operation without risk to health.

Safer Sphere acknowledges that this can be a burden for small and medium-sized contractors, and have developed a number of bespoke services to assist our clients in this area.

Management Standards

Risk Control

 Construction Risk Assessment

Safer Sphere has a number of risk assessments established for common construction tasks and operations. We can also develop, in conjunction with contractors, specific construction risk assessments for particular activities in order to provide our clients with a database of relevant assessments for their operations. Safer Sphere can also review existing risk assessments to establish any betterment in search of best practice and continual improvement.

Construction Method Statement

Safer Sphere has developed a construction method statement proforma that is simple and fully compliant in assisting contractor managers to develop specific package or task plans for safe delivery of works. We can also assist with, and or develop method statements on behalf of contractors to ensure compliant and best practice H&S planning and management.

Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans

Where appointed as the Principal Contractor on a construction project that is notifiable to the HSE, a Construction Phase H&S Plan must be developed prior to the commencement of the works on site, to a suitable and sufficient standard. This plan must then be maintained and utilised as the central H&S management function throughout the project. Safer Sphere has developed a full CPHSP template for small and medium-sized contractors in full compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015. Safer Sphere can also assist with, and or develop these plans on behalf of Principal Contractors to ensure client approval and assist with ongoing maintenance and implementation.

Do You Use iAuditor?

iauditorCan’t get your head around programming your custom Audits and Inspections?


Here at Safer Sphere our experts can help, we have developed a pre-defined template for audits and inspections to go… These templates can be filled out on your smart phone, all you need to do is download iAuditor on the AppStore or on Google Play Store.
If the pre-defined template doesn’t quite match your business operations then we can work with you to develop your custom templates for your business.


For further information on custom audit templates contact us here:

iAuditor - screen

Health & Safety Policy

Safer Sphere can provide you with the Provision of Health and Safety Policy document and a fully compliant Safety Management System to meet the requirements of the CDM Regulations, HSG 65 or OHSAS 18001.

Our service is Inclusive of annual audits against its implementation and updates to accommodate any changes in legislation.

Liaising with Authorities

Safer Sphere can provide support with Liaising with Authorities such as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) should you be engaged by them on any project.

We will communicate with them as your representatives in resolving any issues of concern.

O&M Manuals

Safer Sphere provide Collation services for the compilation of O&M Manuals (Operations and Maintenance Manuals) to meet requirements of clients, legislation and BSRIA standards.

Occupational Health

Safer Sphere, together with our occupational health partners give guidance on the requirements and provision of any health surveillance or monitoring required for operations or tasks.

Do your workers wear Respiratory Protective equipment (RPE)? If so you will need them Face Fitting. We can provide your workers with fully certificated Face Fit Training.

Safety Management System

Safety Management System inclusive of an organisational Health and Safety Policy is the foundation for any business in creating and implementing a successful Health & Safety culture for their undertakings. Safer Sphere can provide and or assist with developing and maintaining bespoke systems tailored to building design and construction organisations.

There are a number of service elements that Safer Sphere can provide to assist our clients with compliant Safety Management System. This may be in the form of the Health & Safety Executive HSG 65 Model Successful Health & Safety Management¬ù, or for those wishing for their health & safety system to form part of an integrated quality system BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

HSE Management Book

British Standards










Safer Sphere can conduct an audit of your existing HSG 65 Safety Management System for compliance and implementation, providing a report of non-conformances and recommendations for improvement, where applicable. We can also provide regular internal audits against BS OHSAS 18001 on behalf of the organisation against compliance and implementation with specific focus on construction and the CDM Regulations.

Continual Improvement

Where audits by Safer Sphere or others identify the need for particular improvements, Safer Sphere can develop proposals and assist organisations with implementing updates and or additions to their Safety Management Systems.


Where a design or construction organisation does not have any systems in place, or they have identified a need to update or operate a new system, Safer Sphere can provide bespoke and fully compliant Safety Management System tailored to the needs and operations of the business.

Site Inspections and Audits

Site Inspections and Audits, we can conduct Site inspections and Audits to ensure implementation of the Safety Management Systems at site level, with full report to site and organisation management for review.

We have developed our own electronic system which enables our Consultants to provide your site with an on the spot report. Contact us here:

Contractor CDM Support Audits

Supply Chain Management

Safer Sphere can assist with supply chain management including;

Provision of annual CDM Contractor training/refresher and legislation update course. This course is not just awareness of the Regulations, but guidance in how to practically manage and discharge duties under the regulations. This training would be tailored to the specialities of the organisation and to the specific sectors in which they provide services.

Assessment of the contractor’s personnel competencies, development of a training and CPD matrix and provision of training through our affiliated training provider.

Reviews of contractor Risk Assessment, Method Statements and general safe systems of work.

Delivery of toolbox talks to contractor personnel and or supply chain.

Development of a simple system to assess the competence of any sub-contracting supply chain organisation and their personnel in accordance with CDM Regulations 2015.

Assistance in developing responses to question sets from a framework and or tender enquiry PQQ’s / ITT’s.

Contractors may also provide designs as part of their commissions, and as such may wish to consider the services on offer for Design Safety.

Portable Appliance Testing Inspections (PAT)

UK Health and Safety regulations state that you must maintain electrical equipment if it can cause danger, but the law does not say how you must do this or how often. You should decide the level of maintenance needed according to the risk of an item becoming faulty, and how the equipment is constructed. It is a myth that all electrical equipment should be tested every year, this is not always the case and you could be putting your employees at risk or even paying for a service you do not need.

Safer Sphere has trained specialists that will assess each item and their location and recommend the appropriate safety checks. This will ensure you meet your health and safety requirement by law and will save you time and money.

Face Fit Testing

Any wearer of a tight-fitting RPE must ensure that it fits adequately and is correct for the task. If you are required to wear a tight-fitting respirator for your role, then a Face Fit Test is required.

Face fit testing is a method carried out to ensure that a tight-fitting face mask matches a person’s facial features and provides an adequate seal. Qualitative face fit testing is a pass/fail method that uses taste, smell or reaction to an irritant to detect leaks.

If your role requires you to wear a face mask then ensure you have the appropriate safety checks. For more information on our Face Fit Testing please contact us on 01744 343011 or email us today at

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