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Safer Sphere has an array of experience in delivering the CDM Coordinator role in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2007, and will now be available to assist construction clients in CDM 2015 compliance as CDM Client Advisor. Our experience ranges from minor projects of £20k through to major developments to the value of £500m.

We pride ourselves on delivering above and beyond the call of the CDM Regulations, our integration with the client project delivery teams and support provided to enable best practice solutions. Our delivery model ensures a superior service, competent advice and ultimately a project that meets with the very best practices of Construction Health & Safety.

CDM 2015 Project CDM Advisor Services include:-

Safer Sphere can act directly for the client to assist and advise in the discharge of their duties under the CDM Regulations 2015. In providing this service we shall:-

RIBA Stage 1 (Brief) to 4 (Technical Design)  

  • Make the client aware of their duties under CDM 2015 with relevance to the project;
  • Assist in the development of the Client CDM Brief.
  • Advise on competency of CDM appointments made by the client;
  • Attend the site/premises to carry out a full pre-start assessment and review with respect to health and safety considerations required during the design, build and end use;
  • Work with the Client and other parties to obtain, review and profile the required CDM pre-construction safety information. Identify any gaps or information requirements in respect to the CDM pre-construction information;
  • Provide safety advice and support for the project team.

RIBA Stage 5 (Specialist Design & Construction) to 7 (Project Handover)

  • Advise the Client on the suitability of the Construction Phase Plan and Welfare Facilities before commencement and during the project.
  • Issue and update project F10 with further project particulars prior to and throughout project;
  • Carry out site H&S reviews on the client’s behalf at regular agreed intervals.
  • Provide safety advice and support for the project team.

Additional services which a client may also wish to consider:-

  • Stage 1 & Stage 2 Competence Assessments of duty holders against the requirements of PAS 91.
  • PQQ / ITT H&S question setting for a framework and or project tender enquiries.
  • Independent Site Inspection and or Safety Audits of operations on site to ensure compliance.
  • Liaison support with the Health & Safety Executive on behalf of the client.
  • Client CDM training to assist client representatives in understanding their duties under the CDM Regulations.
  • Preparation of model contract/appointment clauses to hold designers and contractors to their duties and compliance.

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