About Us

About Us

About us – Safer Sphere are a team of established health & safety advisors designed and tailored to the construction industry. Our focus is to assist the industry and CDM duty holders in effectively discharging the duties applied to them by the CDM Regulations and related health & safety legislation.   Knowledge, experience and capability are qualities that underline Safe Sphere’s proficiency within this specialist area of construction management. This enables us to provide a superior service at competitive and cost-effective fees, giving our clients the ability to model themselves as market leaders with respect to their H&S commitment, compliance and performance.

Safer Sphere creates lasting relationships with our clients and their partners through practising with a trusted integrity, respectful, collaborative and professional approach. As a business, we strive to be exceptional in everything we do. We seek and are committed, to achieving outstanding performance and the best available solutions for our clients.   All Safer Sphere consultants and advisors are Chartered or Incorporated professionals from within the field of construction management or design, who have focused to specialise in Construction Health & Safety as extensively competent CDM and Construction Safety Practitioners.

The Safer Sphere Team

Mike Forsyth

Managing Director

Karl Tindale

Associate CDM Consultant and H&S Advisor

Shaun Brennan

Associate CDM and Health & Safety Advisor

Simon Jones

Associate CDM Consultant and H&S Advisor

Allan Briscoe

CDM Consultant

Lewis Duff

CDM Consultant and Health & Safety Advisor

Phil White

Senior CDM Consultant

Lindsey Ford

Health & Safety Consultant

Daniel Moore

Assistant CDM Consultant

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