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Client Duties CDM

What Are The Clients Duties CDM15?

Part 2 of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM15) covers Client duties in relation to the pre-construction and the construction phases. Sufficient time and resources must be made for managing a project. Arrangements made by a Client can be considered suitable if the work on the construction site can be carried out without risk to health or safety of any person affected by the project and that the minimum welfare facilities required for construction sites (Schedule 2 [...]

Dual appointment for the Pie Factory demolition at Media City, Manchester

Safer Sphere has been appointed as Client CDM Advisor and Principal Designer Advisor on the Pie Factory demolition and groundwork at Media City, Manchester. The demolition works are in preparation for the ‘Phase 2’ Media City redevelopment and we are looking forward to being apart of this great new project.