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CDM support

CDM 2015 Regulations Safer Sphere Solution


For construction projects large or small.

Safer Sphere is built to provide the ultimate tool in CDM management.

Its a collaboration from concept to completion.

CDM 2015 Regulations

  • Enables all duty holders to meet their duties.
  • Clients can ensure Principal Designers and Principal Contractors comply with their duties under CDM 2015 Regulations.
  • Principal Designer’s can ensure Designers comply with design risk management under CDM 2015 Regulations.
  • its a Means of cooperation and coordination.
  • Automated permission & notifications system controls visibility and coordination.
  • Obtain competent assistance or support from Safer Sphere for your under CDM 2015 Regulations requirements.
  • PAS 91 database to confirm competence of appointments under CDM 2015 Regulations.
  • Training Database for user & company records.

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