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HAKI Staircases Safety Checklist

Are you sure you know what is real? Recent inspections have highlighted possible risks relating to the use of non-genuine components in Haki, or other British Standard stair cases.   Stair cases should be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 12810 and contain components from the same manufacturer i.e. Haki, Trad etc. and MUST not be mixed.   Haki Staircase Safety Checklist   1. Is the scaffold/supporting structure completed ready for the Stair Tower?   2. Is the ground condition adequate to take the load [...]

Manslaughter – Construction boss jailed.

Manslaughter The commercial director of a construction company has been jailed for three years and three months after being found guilty of manslaughter.     Commercial director Conrad Sidebottom was found guilty of manslaughter while self-employed safety consultant Richard Golding was convicted on health and safety charges.   Deborah Jeffrey, specialist prosecutor at the CPS, said: ‚ÄúAnghel Milosavlevici‚Äôs tragic death was preventable and inexcusable.   ‚ÄúWhile working on the excavation of the house, his safety was the responsibility of Conrad Sidebottom, the commercial director of Siday, and [...]